Reevus Jencen

A loyal captain destroyed


Age: 56 at time of death
Gender: Male
Build: Tall, average weight
Disposition: Fatherly, relaxed, compassionate
Origin: Scintillia
Last known Whereabouts: dead

Old time friend of Enginseer Cos, Reevus had operated under Abraham after a life’s long service to Ferrebel. He had been with the party when they had crashed during their first mission. One of the few survivors from that time, he survived long enough to see his friend Cos stolen away, tortured, and returned to him a shade of a man. It wasn’t long before Reevus suffered the same fate at the hands of Rox. On pain of his and Cos’s death he was set upon the second purpose, aiding in the placement of portable webways that allowed Rox’s agents to enter the ship.

Unable to live with what he had done, he destroyed one of the portals before ending his own life before being found by the acolytes.

Reevus is survived by two sons, Darien and Cosmo.


Reevus Jencen

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