Tag: Unaffiliated


  • Sera Carraway

    Sera Carraway was the only daughter of Andus Carraway. Terminally ill, she was brought to Weng Corporations for medical care. Weng kept her alive in exchange for Andus’ loyalty. Unfortunately, her condition worsened, and Weng was unable to keep her …

  • Longtoof

    Longtoof is an Ork Boss who lives on Tarsus. He is apparently a trader and craftsork who provides weaponry to a battledome run by Rox on Tarsus. He lives in "Tarsus, ups in the top floors, where it's nice n sunny n' the like. He's proper noble, 'e is."

  • Zogsog and Mekrot

    Zogsog and Mekrot are grots badly disguised as a human being who wears a trench coat, a hat, and has a talking crotch. They run a small store selling random junk on the Second Purpose. They work for an Ork Boss named Longtoof, and they are both complete …