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  • Lupus Valerius

    The man known as Interrogator Lupus Valerius was born Gaius Quintos, of the hive city Elevatus, on Alera; he was the only son of Gallus (an orchestral cellist) and Acilia (a mid-level factory manager) Quintos. Following a traumatic experience that …

  • Interrogator Webster

    Webster, a Squat, was meant as punishment for Inquisitor Reckenbach. An abhuman Interrogator for an exceptionally puritan Inquisitor. It was no secret that the two men couldn't stand each other, mostly trying to keep their paths from crossing whenever …

  • Interrogator Fendric

    Fendric is the -second- most senior Interrogator of Inquisitor Jaeger. Of the -three- two, he is the most social. He is a charismatic, charming man who will flirt with pretty much anything. Lupus saved his life from a Catachan riddle beast once.