Titus Belasco

The throne agent your mother warned you about.


Crafting his appearance in a manner befitting the tainted blood of Malfi, Titus Belasco is rather unique to behold. His dyed green hair and red eye-lenses make him rather striking, even alien when combined with the sharpening job on his canines. He is svelte and well-groomed, forever decked out in the best that current Malfian fashion has to offer. He wears a pair of deadly Glavian needlers at his waist and has an injector rig loaded with stimulants strapped to his lower back when combat is likely. If identification is necessary, Titus keeps a special brass trench lighter with a secret activation stud that displays a holo-wafer version of his Throne Agent credentials. He also has an electoo hidden on the back of his left hand that displays the glowing skull-and-pistols crest of House Belasco when activated.


Born to Char Belasco, a member of the infamous Belasco Deathworks, and his Scintillan mistress, Anna Strophes, Titus was raised in the viper’s nest of political intrigue that is Malfian court. Lying came as easily as breathing to him, and often he found that he really hadn’t decided on a true motive until the bullets started flying anyhow. As an adolescent, Titus began to seek out more visceral thrills, slumming with the family goods strapped to his hips. He took up a career as a Malfian Bloodsworn, not for lack of personal funds, but for an outlet to truly hone his skills. After being coerced by some Inquisitorial agents to assist in a cover-up and stage the death of a potential recruit, he was brought into the fold of the Holy Ordos. His identity as a member of the criminal underworld and his skill with tracking, improvisation and deadly weapons has made him a valuable tool in the shadowy world of the Inquisition. He is currently unattached, having lost his sponsor, Inquisitor Reckanbach, in the raid on Luggnum. Titus has served for years alongside his fellow manipulator and partner in crime, Esso Espera.

Titus Belasco

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