Deceased Seneschal. Thank goodness.


Tabene was Havelock’s Seneschal, and for a long time, the true power behind the Second Purpose. Competent, driven, ruthless, and a complete bitch.

Under her watch, the Second Purpose thrived, despite the ineptitude of her Captain. But it came at a heavy cost. She prioritized the ship above all else, and was willing to do anything in the interest of profit, up to and including nearly staging a mutiny against Havelock. The final straw was when she, in direct opposition to an Inquisitorial order, unlocked a quarantine set upon the ship, resulting in an outbreak that claimed thousands of lives. She was executed with extreme prejudice by Gaius, using one of Havelock’s bolt pistols.

Gaius would later hold the ‘Seneschal Tabene Memorial Bakesale’, which netted him forty seven thrones and only received seven complaints of food poisoning.


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