Stig Havelock

He's drunk.


Captain Havelock is a strange fellow.

Years ago, he discovered the Second Purpose in a space hulk, had it refitted, and won a Rogue Trader’s writ in a card game. By all means, he’s not very good at his job. Very frequently drunk and/or high, the brunt of the work generally falls to his seneschal. Regardless, despite the laziness, ineptitude, and drunkenness, he’s a good man.

However, he hasn’t always been a good man. For reasons unknown, Havelock has been mind-wiped, all traces of his past life removed. Inquisitor Helas, Ordos Malleus, generally keeps an eye on him and makes sure the mind-wipe doesn’t unravel.

He is presently taking a sabbatical, and likely extremely glad that there’s no more Inquisitorial presence on his ship acting as a magnet to trouble.

Stig Havelock

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