Sera Carraway

Kept alive by arcane machinery.


Sera Carraway was the only daughter of Andus Carraway. Terminally ill, she was brought to Weng Corporations for medical care. Weng kept her alive in exchange for Andus’ loyalty.

Unfortunately, her condition worsened, and Weng was unable to keep her alive. She passed away, but Weng carried on as if she was still alive, fooling Andus into thinking that all was well. Nes Cafe turned her body into a machine puppet, responding to basic stimuli. When she was discovered by the party, the machine controlling her entered self-defense protocols, and had to be destroyed.

Her fate was concealed from her father. How would he have reacted, knowing that he had fought and killed for the sake of a corpse, kept ‘alive’ by arcane machinery?

…Hold on, that sounds familiar…

Sera Carraway

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