Andus Carraway

It's a thaaaaaankless joooooob...


What would you do to protect your only child? Andus Carraway was asked this question, and his answer was simple. Anything.

Hailing from a feral world, Andus found his way to the Second Purpose, seeking out medical care for his daughter, Sera. He found it at Weng Corporations, but the cost was high. Bargo Weng needed a repoman, and Andus was a big, strong fellow. So long as Andus worked as his repoman, Weng would keep Sera alive. It was a thankless job, but someone had to do it.

When he was confronted by the party, he came clean instantly, overtaken by the guilt of his crimes. When he learned that his daughter was dead, he lost all reason to live, and faced execution for his crimes. He was not informed that Sera had been dead for weeks already; sometimes, it’s better not to know the truth.

Andus Carraway

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