Maul Tes

A manic, insane ass in the GrimDark.


Maul stands at about two metres tall, with a slim, yet well-muscled build. He has pale blonde hair that he keeps cropped close to his head. He is usually seen with either a big, shit-eating grin on his face or he looks bored and maybe depressed. The right side of his face(including the eye), his chest, forearms, and legs are all covered with hexagrammatic wards. His left eye, unbeknownst to all save the “Unofficial/Official Interrogator”, is actually a finely crafted remembrancer’s implant, recording all that it sees and saving that information for later analysis. He’s almost always with a lho-stick in his mouth or a flask to his lips. He likes wearing dark, form-fitting clothes and covers them with a long, black trench coat. He also has unusually long fingers, but they haven’t been too much of a problem, and help him reach for a new bottle of ‘Dack Janiel’s’ amasec or fresh pack of ‘Barlmoro’ smokes.MaulTesColor.jpg


[[File:337154 | class=media-item-align-center | Nq8gWrG.png]]Maul Tes has been many things. A simple peasant boy, a slave to a daemon-possessed sword, a bloody warlord of a feudal world, a bloodied warlord who lost to the Imperium, a mind-wiped tech-adept for the Magos Biologous, a partially repossessed tech-adept, an un-possessed tech-adept given a second chance, an ‘arbiter’, and now an ‘arbiter’ who’s become a ‘sage’.

He’s crazy in a box with a side order of fries. He does incredibly stupid things, link magnacle himself to the side of a speeding truck or jump three metres onto the back of a pit raptor, but they never amount to the amazing things his buddy Grimm does. He always smoking and drinking to what many churigeons would say ‘an impossible amount’. He knows too much for his own good and keeps too many secrets. He’s cocky, a complete asshole, and a terrible friend. How he’s stayed alive this long is beyond me.

Oh, he also has a Dark Eldar Archon lusting after him.

Maul Tes

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