Magos T1M

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On the Second Purpose, T1M is the ship.

An enigmatic Magos, T1M arrived on the Second Purpose years ago. He struck a bargain with Captain Havelock, and implemented himself – literally – into the ship. Under T1M’s guidance, the engines worked marvelously, even if T1M himself was a bit strange.

Before making himself part of the Second Purpose, T1M was a high-ranking Magos in the Lathe Worlds, and considered a candidate for the next High Fabricator, until charges of heretek were leveled against him. T1M was passed over in favor of Ralwure the Golden, but still retains some hefty pull in Mechanicus matters.

Sadly, during a Dark Eldar raid on the Second Purpose, T1M was killed in order to stop the engines and drop the ship out of the Warp. Miraculously, the ‘machine spirits responded to T1M’s dying prayers, and the engines continued to function, operating solely on T1M’s potentia coil.’

At least, that was the official story (which brought about the creation of a cult worshiping the Holy Coil). Gaius and Keurig discovered that Ralwure’s claims of T1M’s heretek weren’t unfounded, and that T1M had implemented Necron technology into her potentia coil. Also, she was a woman.

The Necron coil was hidden away by the Inquisition, and a fake Coil was given to the cult that had sprung up around T1M. No word on if the deception has been discovered.

Her name is totally T1MANTHA- M.T.

Unfortunately, it was Tegan -Kaiser

Magos T1M

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