Lupus Valerius

"Interrogator Grumbles"


The man known as Interrogator Lupus Valerius was born Gaius Quintos, of the hive city Elevatus, on Alera; he was the only son of Gallus (an orchestral cellist) and Acilia (a mid-level factory manager) Quintos. Following a traumatic experience that resulted in a lifelong fear of rotting corpses, Gaius joined the Adeptus Mechanicus at the age of sixteen, and spent fifteen years on the Lathe Worlds, working in the scrimshaw workshops of Magos Azella. For reasons unknown, Gaius was never well-liked among the Mechanicus, and barred from upward movement. Finally, he was given the boot, and sent to join the Inquisition.

Gaius was installed as the Prime of Abraham’s first cell of acolytes, mostly because he was the only man fit for the job. He also forged a strange friendship with Ohm, a teenaged skitarii attached to the cell, which led to a falling out with the Mechanicus, who had decided that the Ohm line of skitarii had become obsolete. He ended up obtaining the remaining Ohms from the Mechanicus.

During the investigation of the STC on Cyrus Vulpa, Gaius spearheaded the deciphering of an ancient manual that contained information on the STC. When he discovered the truth, he was understandably irritated, and he still grimaces whenever the subject is mentioned.

After the discovery of the STC on Cyrus Vulpa, Gaius decided that he saw no future for himself in the Mechanicus. Abraham had expressed a desire to install Gaius as his Interrogator, which Gaius accepted. He abandoned his name and skull mask, and called in a favor from a powerful biomancer to remove his implants and become fully human. He falsified records, and edited reports, and became Lupus Valerius, Arbite turned Interrogator.

While Abraham recovers from his injuries on Quaddis, Lupus has been apprenticed under Inquisitor Ignace Jaeger, Ordos Xenos. As opposed to Jaeger’s three Interrogators, who are all extremely specialized in a single field, Lupus possesses a well-rounded skill set, which Jaeger hoped would be contagious. However, there has been little time for Lupus to receive Jaeger’s tutelage.

Lupus stands at a little over five feet six inches, his hair and beard (which covers scars left over from his rebreather implant) are dark gray, and his eyes are green. He is a skilled investigator, a logical thinker, and a decent shot with a bolt pistol. As Interrogator, he is in charge of the cadre in lieu of Abraham, but directing the eccentric agents under his ‘command’ is akin to herding cats. He is also the master (and surrogate father figure of sorts) to a group of eight teenage skitarii known as the Ohms. While easily excited and exceptionally hard to deal with, they are loyal to Lupus, and very effective soldiers.

Lupus is married to Caelyn Llewellyn, Inquisitor Abraham’s secretary. As Gaius, he had encountered her in the records room of the Goldenhand auction house, and, impressed by her administrative skills, purchased her contract and hired her to replace Yerba. It wasn’t until a few months later, when his gelding had been undone, that he realized she was interested in him. While on Luggnum, they discovered that Caelyn was pregnant, which led to a sudden but happy engagement. Leaving Luggnum on the Devil’s Purse, they learned that they were expecting a son. Sadly, it didn’t take long for the happy news to turn sour. During their time-dilated trip through the Warp, something happened to the fetus, and a medical examination on the Boot revealed that Caelyn was pregnant with twins.

Lupus Valerius

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