Navigator Klauster Cedd

Hey kid, wanna see a dead body?


Hiding his warp eye beneath a precariously positioned hood, Klauster Cedd is dying for an excuse to have a staring contest. His other two eyes are beady and black as the void itself. He is bald and well-built, still in his early twenties. The legacy of the void-born shows through quite obviously in his strange appearance, the dark orbs of his eyes matched by pale, bluish skin.


Klauster Cedd lives in opulence on the Devil’s Purse, despite the dismal fortunes of his infamous house. He has never forgiven the Inquisition for the slight of seizing his ship and promising recompense, only to leave him stranded and penniless on Footfall later. He has leveled a clear ultimatum at Lupus, stating that if the throne agents wish to travel aboard Chartist Captain Devon Glib’s ship, they will need to find another navigator to guide them through the perils of the warp. As it turns out, an eye for an eye is is still not a decent strategy when you have three.

Klauster Cedd is now several pieces of Navigator, having gotten into an ill-fated disagreement with Volk, “undercover” throne agent.

Navigator Klauster Cedd

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