Abraham's Re-caff Magos


Age: Unknown (>90?)
Gender: Male (presumably)
Origin: Unknown
Last known Whereabouts: Quaddis

Convicted of committing heresy while still apprenticing at a lathe, Keurig had been re-designing the inner workings of a re-caf maker without the consent of a sanctioned body when Nez CafĂ©, his then friend and hab-mate turned him in (and then made off with the designs). Sentenced to a life of menial servitude, he was partially lobotomized; ensuring that he could never possess the facilities to ‘invent’ again. What followed was a life of service to the Inquisition and a nasty case of intellectual blue balls as he struggled for years to recreate his original design while begrudgingly helping Abraham.

It wasn’t until Maul Tes came along and royally mindfucked him that he was restored by Inquisitor Helas (an acquaintance of Abraham’s) via biomancy to his original mental facilities. Afterwards his neuroticism cleared up notably. He continues to work alongside Abraham, though on what is anyone’s guess.



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