Gnosis Raptors

Walk through the door, get on the floor, human brain in a dinosaur.


The Gnosis Raptors, as they are called, are bioforged saurians with near-human intelligence. Heavily armored, with sharp claws and three rows of teeth, they are exceptionally dangerous creatures, especially when their veins are pumped full of combat drugs.

But the thing about the Gnosis raptors is that they don’t have near human intelligence. Inside their skulls are human brains, taken from kidnapped abhuman miners. The Gnosis raptors retain memories from their past lives, except for being dinosaurs.

There are, at present, twenty four Gnosis raptors with abhuman brains, and a single triceratops who had been a mine administrator who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Gnosis raptors all prefer to wear clothing to maintain their decency, except for one raptor who seems to prefer going nude.

Gnosis Raptors

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