Esso Espera

Scum or Scholar?


Esso is a spindly but unimposing figure. He speaks softly and rarely sits up straight. He almost always has a calm, gentle smile and his eyelids hang low as if he might drift to sleep at any moment. His clothes tend to be muted earth-tones to disguise the fact that they are routinely crumpled and in need of cleaning. While he does not usually hide his noble and adeptus status he has a tendency to get along with most people and blend into almost any crowd.

Many disagree about whether Esso Espera is a simple or difficult man to understand. He speaks his mind plainly but omits facts whenever it pleases him. His relaxed and coy demeanor often disguises a ruthless and cunning mind. Nothing seems sacred to Esso, and yet he takes clear pleasure in parts of his work.

Weapon Skill: 50 Ballistic Skill: 47 Strength: 34
Toughness: 42 Agility: 51 Intelligence: 47
Perception: 44 Will Power: 39 Fellowship: 47
Wounds: 17 Fate: 4 Initiative: 5
Fatigue: 4 Insanity: 0 Corruption: 0
Half Move: 5 Full Move: 10 Run: 30
Acrobatics (Agi): 71 Awareness (Per): 64 Barter (Fel): 47
Blather (Fel): 47 Carouse (T): 62 Charm (Fel): 47
Chem-Use (Int): 47 Ciphers (Int)
- Acolyte: 47 – Underworld: 47
Climb (S): 54 Command (Fel): 23
Common Lore (Int)
– Adeptus Arbites: 47 – Administratum: 47 – Ecclesiarchy: 47
– Imperial Creed: 47 – Imperium: 57 – Underworld: 47
Concealment (Ag): 71 Contortionist (Ag): 71 Deceive (Fel): 67
Diplomacy (Fel): 47 Disguise (Fel): 67 Dodge (Ag): 71
Drive (Ag)
– Ground Vehicle: 51
Evaluate (Int): 23 Gamble (Int): 67 Inquiry (Fel): 47
Intimidate (S): 34 Lip Reading (Per): 44 Literacy (Int): 47
Logic (Int): 23 Medicae (Int): 47 Performer Mastery (Fel): 67
Pilot (Ag)
- Civilian: 51
Scholastic Lore (Int)
– Cryptology: 47 - Legend: 47
Scrutiny (Per): 44 Search (Per): 44
Secret Tongue (Int)
– Acolyte: 47 – Gutter: 47
Security (Ag): 71 Shadow: 71 Silent Move (Ag): 71
Sleight of Hand (Ag): 71
Speak Language (Int)
- High Gothic: 47 – Low Gothic: 47
Swim (S): 54 Tech-Use (Int): 47
– Copyist (Int): 57
Ambidextrous Blind Fighting Blademaster
Counter Attack Decadence Disarm
Etiquette Furious assault Gunslinger
Hard Target Hardy Heightened Sense (Sound, Sight)
Hip Shooting Leap up Light Sleeper
Master of Coin Mighty Shot Peer (Nobility, Academics, Inquisition)
Quick Draw Rapid reaction Shady Reputation
Sound Constitution x 5 Sprint Street fighting
Step aside Takedown Total Recall
Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) Unremarkable Vendetta

Esso Espera

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