Caelyn Llewellyn

Logis turned Inquisitorial Secretary


Caelyn Llewellyn was born on Tarsus, with two sisters and one older brother. She became a full Logis at a young age, working in the basement of the Goldenhand auction house with nobody but a few servitors for company. She worked there for several years – the Goldenhand had her contract – until encountering Gaius Quintos, who was visiting the Goldenhand in search of information on the enigmatic 300 Lots. She impressed him with both her clerical ability and her insight, and was later hired as Inquisitor Abraham’s new secretary. She is pragmatic, organized, and very skilled at navigating the bureaucracy of the Calixis sector.

Not long after Gaius had his implants removed and became Lupus Valerius, the two entered a relationship. They are now married, and Caelyn is pregnant with their child. However, after a bumpy Warp transit, something happened to the fetus, and it was discovered that she was now pregnant with twins. In order to avoid further Warp travel, she accompanied Lupus to Theras, knowing that her implants would be inoperable. She is currently resting at Starfall Manor.

Caelyn Llewellyn

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