Bargo Weng

Gone out with a bang.


Bargo Weng is not a nice man.

On the Second Purpose, Weng Corporations provided augmetics to those who needed them, but at a heavy cost. With Tabene’s permission, he was allowed to repossess augmetics from those who could not make their payments in time, generally without anesthetic. He controlled his repoman, a feral worlder named Andus Carraway, through providing medical ‘care’ to his daughter, who was terminally ill.

He played host to Nez Cafe for a brief while, using him to fool Andus into believing that Sera was still alive, when she had passed away weeks ago. When his appalling business practices were discovered by Havelock, Weng went out with a bang. Two bangs. From Havelock’s bolt pistols.

Bargo Weng

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