Abraham Makan

Unwilling Ordos Hereticus Inquisitor


Age: 46
Gender: Male
Build: Thin, sickly, tall.
Disposition: Impatient, private, pensive.
Origin: Oberon Minor
Last known Whereabouts: Quaddis

Originally from the same feral world as Theodas, the two of them had grown up herding livestock before Abraham was whisked off to the Black Ships. After his sanctioning he was placed with Inquisitor Ferrebel, a hardline Ordos Hereticus Inquisitor and pupil of Inquisitor Jaeger . Abraham had no wish to be an acolytes but less wish to be dead, so he made the best of his time studying, writing, and drudgingly using his abilities to interrogate suspects. It was during this time he assisted in the inspection of Luggnum following the Lady Grey incident.

In time he made the rank of Interrogator, and following an ill-fated mission that saw his Inquisitor and another Interrogator dead, he was promoted up to full rank to continue his master’s unfinished business. Given Keurig, Reevus and Cos, and his first batch of acolytes, he soon found himself caught up in an even more dire matter involving mass abductions of unsanctioned psykers, hereteks and a STC. This particular arch would see the Inquisitor laid low at the hands of an ancient pair of servitors and sent off to Quaddis to recover.



Abraham Makan

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